Super-fast computers thanks to the light

In the future, we will have very fast computers, thanks to a new generation of magnetic memories with zero energy consumption, powered by light. The new devices, described in the journal Nature, could represent the heart of a new generation of energy-saving computers. The new devices were designed in the research conducted by the universities of Lancaster, Regensburg, the Dutch University Radboud of Nijmegen and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Graphic representation of the energy-saving data storage device (source: tsarcyanide / MIPT Press Office)

Currently, the experts point out, the servers consume 2% to 5% of the global energy production, and moreover, they require expensive cooling systems to dispose of the accumulated heat. The new devices, instead, the authors of the study point out, “are not powered by electricity, but by pulses of infrared light and store information thanks to small antennas placed above the magnets. In this way – the researchers conclude – future data storage devices will be able to combine high performance and low energy consumption “.