Smart Home: modular systems for the intelligent home

More and more houses are becoming intelligent: Applications for a computer-controlled home are on the advance and are increasingly finding a place in our society. While system applications from well-known manufacturers represent a major investment, modules that you can install yourself are already available at affordable prices.

You can also find more intelligent applications and smart home systems at, Here you can keep up to date with the latest technical achievements at any time.

Simple modules

A modular smart home system is a system that can be expanded as required. Depending on requirements, devices can be purchased and connected to the system. The implementation of simple smart home elements is comparatively undemanding. You only need:

  • Router with WiFi
  • Smartphone (with Android or iOS)
  • Modules from a modular smart home system

You can find a great overview of smart home manufacturers and application examples on There you will also learn which network basics should be available at home.

Smart home control with tablet.  Photo: Denys Prykhodov /
The whole house can be controlled automatically. Photo: Denys Prykhodov /

Do it yourself ideas

The possibilities of modular smart home systems are somewhat more limited than those of complete systems. However, there are numerous applications that are really practical and make your life easier.

Saving energy with intelligent lighting

If you often forget to turn off the lights when you leave the house, you can use smart light bulbs. On the go, smartphone users check whether all the lights are off and can switch them off if necessary. If you like tinkering, you can set an IFTTT function (If This Than That). This automatically turns off the lights in the house when you leave it.

Coming home to the warm apartment

In addition to intelligent lighting, smart thermostats are also recommended. These can be mounted on any radiator. Then you can set your personal heating profile so that the heaters are time-controlled up or down. But it is also possible to turn the heater on and off remotely using a smartphone. This technology benefits the environment and saves heating costs.

More security for the family

Those who work and have to leave the children alone at home often have a queasy feeling. With smart security systems, you will be informed if something happens and can react. If the smoke detector or alarm system goes on, you will receive a message on your smartphone. The image of the cameras installed in the apartment can also be viewed on a smartphone. Sensors can also determine whether the windows and doors are open or closed.