Super-fast computers thanks to the light

In the future, we will have very fast computers, thanks to a new generation of magnetic memories with zero energy consumption, powered by light. The new devices, described in the journal Nature, could represent the heart of a new generation of energy-saving computers. The new devices were designed in the research conducted by the universities of Lancaster, […]

The clouds that flow in the sky of Mars

After the postcards of blue sunsets and sunsets from Mars sent by NASA’s InSight mission, the extraordinary videos of the clouds moving in the Martian atmosphere, sent by the Curiosity rover, arrive. NASA’s robot lab has filmed the clouds with its Navcam navigation cameras on May 7 and May 12, 2019. In the images the […]

Cuttlefish and squid inspire space blankets and smart clothes

Octopus, cuttlefish and squid have provided the inspiration for an innovative material, destined to become space blankets, “smart” clothes and much more: the particular characteristics of the skin of these sea creatures, in fact, have been exploited by researchers at the University from California to Irvine, to make a fabric that can regulate the body […]

Ready the touch file for future robots

The most complete archive of touch-based data available to future robots is ready. It was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Mit), storing in an artificial intelligence system the sensations recorded through gloves equipped with special sensors. The details of the archive, published in the magazine Nature, will allow to build robots with a […]

Gravitational waves, nuclear fire, rocks and love

The old saying “we are stardust” is so penetrated into our mind that we risk losing part of his poetry. Yes, elements heavier than hydrogen and helium present in the terrestrial environment have been forged by various ancient life cycles of generations of stars. Many of these cosmic furnaces have expelled their contents into the void, polluting […]

Molecular machines as revolutionary as planes

Nobel Stoddart, useful for new materials, batteries and even in medicine A technological revolution equal to that brought about by the invention of the plane: this is what is being prepared thanks to molecular machines, the smallest machines in the world produced in the laboratory imitating those present in nature, even in the cells of […]

Notre Dame, his virtual 3D copy will help rebuild it

The hopes of rebuilding Notre Dame are not burned together with the historic cathedral: in 2015 an accurate 3D virtual copy accurate to the millimeter was made, thanks to a laser scan of the entire building that was saved in a digital archive. The work done by a group of historians who studied the architecture of […]

The secret of the fuels of the future eats methane in bacteria

In methane-eating bacteria, they promise to be the key to the fuels of the future. After years in which their mechanism of operation has remained mysterious, a group of Northwestern University has identified the precise point in which the enzyme responsible for the conversion of methane into ethanol enters into action.  It is a point where […]